Four Wheel Drive

4WD and All Wheel Drive Vehicles benefit the most from a transmission service  

These vehicles benefit the most from a transmission service. We live in the centre of 4wd activity and Fraser Island is one of the big attractions. Recreation use involves harder work for the transmission. Annual service and preparation of these transmissions will ensure a trouble free journey. We see a large volume of repairs that could easily have been avoided.

Remember, oil is the drive medium, the cooling medium, and of course the lubrication medium. It is a high specification oil and is continually heated and cooled during operation. This results in the oil oxidizing and breaking down the additive package. This additive package contains chemicals to keep oil seals soft while dealing with a range of temperatures and an anti foaming agent to keep the oil stable for the hydraulic controls.


There is also a high detergent additive to keep clutch faces free of glazing and to keep hydraulic circuits clean. Our experience and track record shows us regular service will double or triple the life expectancy of a transmission. If we can help our customer avoid a transmission failure then we have done our job well.

The difference is 2-3 hundred dollars every year or two or an early catastrophic failure costing thousands, most likely while on vacation. Sure some people choose to believe the transmission is sealed for life and the manufacturer has his reasons for minimizing transmission servicing. (See different agenda section).

4WD including all wheel drive and also any Sports Utility Vehicles (S.U.V.) Jeep, Land Cruiser, Land Rover and
Range Rover. Toyota Rav and Kluger. Nissan Patrol, Xtrail. All Subaru models and Mitsubishi Pajero. Izuzu Jackaroo. Holden Rodeo.

Transmission Service and Repairs

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Our team keeps up to date with vehicle technology and trends. Everything from latest model vehicles including Hybrid and CVT Transmissions, back in time to vintage and hot rods



"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for such great service. My car, Audi A4, was serviced by your team. We were unsure of what could be wrong with the vehicle but it is running so much more smoothly and we are very happy. Reluctantly, we will now sell it to our son, but with it running so well, would prefer to keep it. You may recall me talking about this."

Margaret Fowler

"Big shout out to Tim at Ron Hill Automatics for the help on a car before purchase, your expertise and advice were valuable and greatly appreciated."

Carolyn Cafini

"Ron Hill Automatics have kept our F250 on the road in good shape for years now. We wouldn't go anywhere else for transmission work"

Pacific Harvest Bait Sales

Thanks for the advice, and great service...the lollies are a nice touch! I have to compliment your apprentice who had the enviable task of playing taxi driver for me today while our Patrol was in being looked at, he was very polite and friendly to chat to ? Will recommend to friends any day of the week on the back of good old fashioned service!

Brooke McMahon!

"I think you’ve pretty much cracked it! It’s not often a mechanical repair can be a pleasant experience – Thanks for your assistance."

Frank at Coolum Garage

"You can’t beat 10 out of 10 so just do not go out of business"

Judy & Graham Tipping

"Great service, Great Staff. Loved the minties. Superb, Honest, Beaut."

Mary Carroll

"Ron Hill Automatics went out of their way to help me get my car back on the road. Even with short notice they perform at their best. I highly recommend them to everyone. Performance or standard, they know their stuff."

Troy Kohncke

"We thank you for your courteous and cheerful service. Loved the minties idea. Have no suggestions to improve such a wonderful service."


"Particularly liked the diagnosis detail printed on the invoice."

Carl Thrupp

"We are longstanding happy customers since you started. Thanks."

Bob and Wendy Trinder

"Thanks so much wonderful service and really happy with the price I will defiantly be back"

Clint Raby