Introducing the Ron Hill Automatics Team 

Ron Hill - Founder and Customer Relations

Profession: Mechanic

Years at Ron Hills: from the beginning in 1975

Years in industry: nearly 50

Background: Born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mum and dad were 10 pound poms and travelled to Australia by boat on the SS Ormonde when I was very young. Completed trade qualification in the Australian Army and loves working on Really old stuff!! 1960 - 2000

Wife: Happily married to Dell

Kids: Brad, Candice, Jodie and family growing with grandchildren

Pets: Yorkshire Terrier – Lucy Poodle/Schnauzer – Mia

Hobbies/Interests: Restoring muscle cars, snow skiing

My burning desire is to … compete with car at club events and Noosa climb

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, I would be… doing with more travel Dell and more of my hobbies



Bill Olah- Manager and Owner

Profession: Mechanic and Director of Ron Hills

Years at Ron Hills: 20 years

Years in Industry: 30 years+

Background: Born in St Leonards, Sydney. Growing up moved between West Sydney and Central Coast regularly. Commenced apprenticeship as a General Mechanic, then continued training to specialise in Automatic transmissions. Bill loves diagnosis & fault finding. Thrives on being an industry leader and is on the board of directors for ATRA (Australian Transmission Rebuilders Assoc.) Born in St Leonards Sydney and still supports the Blues

Wife: Sandra

Kids: Rachel, Tim, Lauren & Grandsons Jake, Zac and Mason and Ava

Pets: Spoodle – Benji

Hobbies/Interests: Caravaning, Camping, 4WDriving, Fishing

My burning desire is to… travel all parts of outback Australia & be the best I can in my profession

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, I would be… an Aircraft engineer, Pilot and RICH!!!



Tony Enchelmaier - Senior Technician 

Profession: Senior Technician

Years at Ron Hills: 7 years

Years in Industry: 23 Years

Background: Born in Redcliffe, Queensland. Commenced apprenticeship as Mechanic at Apex Automatics in Brisbane. Travelled overseas for a few years. Relocated to Sunshine coast, worked in 2 transmission workshops before joining Ron Hills.

Wife: Stacey

Kids: Grace and Joy

Pets: Dog – Ella and many chooks

Hobbies/Interests: Surfing, Yoga, Well Being, Outdoors

My Burning Desire is to… be happy

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, I'd be … doing
something else



Jason Parry - Manager / Technician

Profession: Senior Technician / Sales

Years at Ron Hills: 9 Years

Years in Industry: 28 years

Background: His mum loves him and gave him a great life in Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom. Started Trade as a panel beater in Conway, Wales for 5 years. Joined Civil engineering company in Wales where he then completed his second Trade qualification as a Mechanic. Worked as Mechanic for Conway council, then joined Mercedes Benz for 6 years where he became Workshop Foreman. He left Wales in 2006 bound for Sunshine Coast where he then joined Ron Hills....

Kids: Josh and Bobbi

Pets: Burmese cat and 1 Python

Hobbies/Industry: Football or any sports, DJ’ing

My burning desire is to… Win Lotto

If I wasn’t doing what I am doing now, I would be … Millionaire Play boy



Thomas O'Leary - Technician

Profession Technician

Years at Ron Hills: 7 years

Years in Industry: 7 years

Background: Have lived on the Sunshine Coast my whole life. Have been a mechanic since I was 17. Completed apprenticeship at Ron Hills.

Kids: Braxton and Emma-Lee

Pets: Pepper the Labrador

Hobbies: Drifting, dirt bikes and 4WDing


Tim Olah - Technician

Profession: Technician

Years at Ron Hills: 5 years

Years in Industry: 5 years

Background: Born in Nambour, Queensland. Grew up on a crate in the workshop learning from dad building transmissions. Trade Certification completed. Inhouse training of Automatic Transmissions

Hobbies/Interests: 4WDriving, tormenting his younger sister and playing cars

Kids: Ava

Pets: Great Dane cross Mastiff - Frank

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, I’d be …still working on cars  



Chris - Apprentice Technician 

Profession: Technician in training, 3rd year apprentice

Background: Born and raised in Kingaroy, Queensland. Moved to the Sunshine Coast for more opportunity and a shot at living in this amazing part of Australia - the Sunshine Coast. Started out at Gez Mechanical, Yandina and since changed ownership moved over to Ron Hills.

Hobbies/Interests: Competition level go-carting, 4WDriving, camping, fishing, cars, sport



Sandra Olah - Admin and Marketing

Profession: Graphic Design and Administration 

Years at Ron Hills: 17 years

Background: Born in England. Certificate in Graphic Design Randwick College. Cert III in Business, Cert III in Frontline Management. Born in England and yet to go back for a visit

Pets: Benji the Spoodle Hobbies/Interests: Art and craft, gardening, walking benji, playing cards

My burning desire is to… explore the seven natural wonders of the world

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, I’d be … in the sun



Angela Chapman - Sales and Admin

Profession: Admin and Customer relations officer

Years at Ron Hills: 4 years

Years in Industry: 12 years

Background: Born in Gladstone, Queensland. Cert III in Business at Toyota in Gladstone. 1.5 years as Service Advisor specialising in Subaru, Honda, Suzuki & Kia. Relocated to the Sunshine Coast in 2006 joining major car dealership working as Admin Officer then Service Advisor. Took 6 months off and worked at Anthony’s Fine Jewellery in Noosa, then 10 months off to Travel around Australia. Returned to Sunshine Coast and worked at Mercedes Benz then VW before joining Ron Hills. Traveled to Peru to help bring water to the village of Matinga. Spent 3 months in the U.S. instructing water ski at KenMont KenWood Summer Camp

Kids: Ava

Pets: Great Dane cross Mastiff - Frank

Hobbies/Interests: Reiki, going to the beach, reading, camping, being outdoors, sleeping in a hammock

My burning desire is to… Help make the world a joyous, loving and peaceful place

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, I’d be … travelling



Joanne Lynch - Admin and Sales Support

Profession: Admin and Customer relations officer

Years at Ron Hills: 5 months

Years in industry: 15 years

Background: Born in Sydney NSW. Moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1992 to create a relaxing lifestyle for our growing family. Returned to work in 2002 at APN News and Media working in various admin and support roles over 11 years. Joined the team at Ron Hills after enjoying some much needed long service leave

Hubby: Happily married to Pat

Kids: Holly, Jackson and Mya

Pets: Australian Silky Cross - Leo

Hobbies/Interests: Photography, cooking, gardening, walking along the beach

My burning desire is to… improve my photography skills and travel to the greek isles

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, I’d be … travelling around taking photos 


The Mechanic that is more than just transmissions

Our team keeps up to date with vehicle technology and trends. Everything from latest model vehicles including Hybrid and CVT Transmissions, back in time to vintage and hot rods



"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for such great service. My car, Audi A4, was serviced by your team. We were unsure of what could be wrong with the vehicle but it is running so much more smoothly and we are very happy. Reluctantly, we will now sell it to our son, but with it running so well, would prefer to keep it. You may recall me talking about this."

Margaret Fowler

"Big shout out to Tim at Ron Hill Automatics for the help on a car before purchase, your expertise and advice were valuable and greatly appreciated."

Carolyn Cafini

"Ron Hill Automatics have kept our F250 on the road in good shape for years now. We wouldn't go anywhere else for transmission work"

Pacific Harvest Bait Sales

Thanks for the advice, and great service...the lollies are a nice touch! I have to compliment your apprentice who had the enviable task of playing taxi driver for me today while our Patrol was in being looked at, he was very polite and friendly to chat to ? Will recommend to friends any day of the week on the back of good old fashioned service!

Brooke McMahon!

"I think you’ve pretty much cracked it! It’s not often a mechanical repair can be a pleasant experience – Thanks for your assistance."

Frank at Coolum Garage

"You can’t beat 10 out of 10 so just do not go out of business"

Judy & Graham Tipping

"Great service, Great Staff. Loved the minties. Superb, Honest, Beaut."

Mary Carroll

"Ron Hill Automatics went out of their way to help me get my car back on the road. Even with short notice they perform at their best. I highly recommend them to everyone. Performance or standard, they know their stuff."

Troy Kohncke

"We thank you for your courteous and cheerful service. Loved the minties idea. Have no suggestions to improve such a wonderful service."


"Particularly liked the diagnosis detail printed on the invoice."

Carl Thrupp

"We are longstanding happy customers since you started. Thanks."

Bob and Wendy Trinder

"Thanks so much wonderful service and really happy with the price I will defiantly be back"

Clint Raby