Transmission Reconditioning

1. When should my transmission be reconditioned?
Diagnosis. Only after the vehicle has been appraised / diagnosed by a transmission specialist. The reason we say this is because driving symptoms are often diagnosed incorrectly and can be a result of electrical or other vehicle control system faults. Minor faults can also be responsible for apparent major transmission faults. A faulty electrical solenoid is a typical example. If purchasing a used vehicle with high kilometers and intending to embark on a large trip, especially if intending to tow. If the transmission has a good service record, this of course would not apply (which is quite rare).
Noisy Operation. Any noise that is not normal such as a whine, clunk or banging would benefit from good diagnosis eg. A broken engine mount could be a source of noise.
Oil leaks. Some oil leaks require removal of the transmission and so the mileage and intended use of the vehicle may make reconditioning a practical choice at this time.

2. Why recondition my transmission?
Peace of mind knowing the transmission has been restored to as new performance and reliability with a solid warranty. Other options are part repair, where damage is reasonably contained and mileage is not too high and resulting in a much reduced price. Second hand transmissions are a last resort as they usually come with vague warranty conditions and life expectancy. (Potential grief)

3. What happens if I don’t recondition my transmission? If early symptoms are ignored the parts bill and cost of repair will only escalate. In extreme cases we have seen transmissions made unrepairable because of ignoring early symptoms. The vehicle will stop completely and therefore need towing. Vehicle reliability, fuel economy, drivability and resale value are adversely affected.

4. What are the benefits of reconditioning the transmission with us? If you are going to trust someone with your hard earned cash it would make sense for you to do your due diligence. For example if you choose us, we offer a no argument national warranty from a business with a strong 35 year track record. We always choose parts that equal or exceed manufacturer’s original fitment quality wherever possible. We always want to know why the unit fails and find ways to lessen the chance of a repeat failure in that area. This is one of our strong suits as a business and keeps us sharp.
Most importantly we take the time to find out what your needs are and provide the most suitable solution. In our view this is the key to getting good referrals and keeping customers for life. Please note: - We are always happy to offer a free appraisal and advice, including a road test at no charge and this has always been our practice since 1975.

Transmission rebuild in progress


The whole idea is to offer the repair option which matches the customers needs. Eg. If your plans involve selling the vehicle in the near future it would make sense to do a part repair at a reduced cost, if that was possible. This option will largely be determined by kilometers and the type of transmission failure.
Another option is to replace the transmission with a used unit. We can supply a used unit in most cases, which will have limited parts and labour warranty. A customer is welcome to supply their own unit, and often can be cheaper than our suppliers but beware of mismatch problems and failure to help with labour if it is faulty in fitting or performance.


This involves totally stripping, washing up and inspection of the transmission. The unit is reassembled replacing all internal and external seals bearings and friction components. The torque convertor is cut open and inspected/rebuilt. In the case of Front Wheel Drive Vehicles, the differential is also stripped and inspected. The valve body is checked for wear and either recalibrated with updated valves, resleeved or replaced. If this last step is not addressed the transmission will not have a long life. In nearly all cases of reconditioning there are upgrades in durability available in the way of design change or modifications. These all help to extend the life potential of the transmission.

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